The CALENDAR on the Wall

The CALENDAR on the Wall

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Did the Sun paint the sky canvas differently today? NO. Did the birds sing a different melody today? NO. Was there a special aroma in the atmosphere today? NO. Yet today is special because it is the beginning of a New Calendar Year. Yes, it’s the first day of 2020!

For me, this first day is special not just because it is the beginning of ANOTHER Year but also because I look forward to the fresh new Calendar that adorns the wall. Earlier these calendars had beautiful paintings of scenery or birds or portraits. Some would have pencil sketches or photographs of nature’s beauty with birds, flowers and various landscapes. Each Calendar with its fresh feel on the first day of each month not only makes me feel good but also gives hope that each New month will be bringing along with it many happy and beautiful days with it.

Each Calendar would create memories by itself with its uniqueness. Some calendars would have quotes from world leaders or notable personalities. With each quote came an inspiration to achieve better and reach the success ladder like they did. Turning every page of such calendars, as the months rolled, was and is a moment of excitement!

Of course but some years down the line these calendars changed into just a single chart with all the months either on the same page or with three months in a row and the once that followed in triplicates one below the other. One had to just remove the paper in front to get to the next three that followed. These calendars had either an image of a God or huge nature scene or the page was an advertising board for products that were endorsed or for the corporate companies that came up with those. Such calendars would just be a big picture that would decorate the wall and not much of an inspiration!

Later these took a a backstage as the cost of printing and may be the design and ideas and creativity on the whole took a back stage and calendars with just the months and dates took over. The calendar that was once a hall mark of every drawing room and had a mark of its own shifted to a small corner in the house, secluded and perhaps just merged with the other entire household items and only peeped into when there was any holiday or a festival that followed.

Now with the advent of electronic media the calendar is just handy into the mobiles and there is hardly a need for one to adorn the walls as each and every one can access it with all the information and planning to be done, daily or monthly, just at the click of a button.

Old is taken over by new and so welcoming the New Year with yet another Calendar in whatever form just marks the beginning of New hopes, New dreams, New joys and New success!!