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It is a pleasant, cool December morning in Navi Mumbai, a close suburb and the twin city of Mumbai. With all its greenery and open spaces, Navi Mumbai does give one a chance to enjoy the cool winter. And it is this time of the year that people eagerly await and look forward to as the rains have just left after pouring their clouds empty by bathing the soil, air and trees to its hearts’ content and confining most people to the comforts of their cozy abodes sipping hot tea for months together.

This is the perfect time to enjoy the pleasure of a walk or a jog in a park and begin the morning in this part of India. It is not too cold and chilly as in other parts; as the proximity to sea keeps the temperature just right enough for a cool breezy morning as well as night. There is a sudden boost in the number people of the jogging class that is seen now.

If one observes this class, one can find that there are different types of joggers who form the clan. It is my observations of such class that I am enumerating a few interesting types with their characteristics in this post.

The Dedicated Joggers:

This class has the most sincere and dedicated group of men and women (mostly of the youth to the middle age with a few elderly) jogging daily at the same time, morning or evening, following the pace and rhythm to the core. They hardly miss a day and can be seen 24×7 irrespective of the weather. If not jog they would definitely take brisk walks but sure enough not refrain from their daily regimen.

The Fast Pacers:

This class of men and women are seen to be in a hurry and it seems from their body language that they are going to hit the weighing scale and shout “VICTORY!!”They do a confused mix of jogging and running-can be termed as “jog run”!   It sometimes even feels (looking at the slant of their forwardly leaning bodies) that they have the gravity pulling them down with all its might. Some of them have the habit of plugging their ears with headphones during the entire jog while others have the mobile speakers so loud that it seems they not only have their fitness in mind but also share a deep social responsibility to entertain others during the course.

The Gossip Joggers:

This class is anybody’s guess as the name says it all. It has mostly the middle aged men and women,   coming in groups and dressed to the mark, with the best sports outfit and branded shoes, looking perfect fitness advertising models. As they begin their rounds there is silence but soon after a single round they start having their, what I call ‘The Mouth Jog’. The men discuss anything from the front page News headlines, sports, politics or corporate affairs and all worldly matters. The women on the other hand start with issues like the kids and their studies, their maid problems and family affairs, cuisine, latest fashion or movie reviews etc. The daily topic in each group is based on one who initiates the talk and then the entire jog circles around it. In this class, there are also a few college going youth, mostly evening joggers, who take to talking and giggling about the college affairs. I like calling them the ‘Mouth Joggers’ too because their mouths exercise more than their bodies.

The Senior Joggers:

These are those elderly citizens and senior people who have seen and experienced the world and toiled hard in the major part of their lives. Their pace is slow, sometimes even needing a hand to help them or a walking stick and while some of them may not jog but they do have their morning walk as their body permits. The twinkle in their eyes, as they complete their rounds, has so much to say and the smile on their faces has the satisfaction of accomplishment. They are the most enthusiastic of the entire jogging clan.

The Couple Joggers:

This class is for the Couples who are married (of all age groups). They jog in perfect unison matching each other step by step. They form the fitness duo and their jog together is an indication that they are the motivating force behind each other.

The Workaholic Joggers:

The name suggests all about this category. They are mostly men who cannot refrain from talking on their mobiles to their seniors, juniors or colleagues planning strategies about their work i.e. job and feel that this time of jog will not be fruitful unless they do so and ignoring their work even the slightest is a great sin. They follow the phrase ‘Work is Worship’ to a different level altogether.

The Seasonal or Occasional Joggers:

This class of joggers has been seen seasonally or occasionally. They appear at some times during the year and then disappear. Many girls and boys or even men and women, who have the impression that a few days of jogging would do it all, come under this category. Most of the time, they leave it abruptly as they do not get the necessary ‘fitness results’ they had envisaged. I call them “Rainbow Joggers” as they appear and disappear like rainbows in the sky.

All in all, the need for HEALTHY MIND, BODY AND LIFE is the need of the hour and there is a certain amount of awareness among all that medicines can be the last support our body needs if we can control and take charge of it with utmost care. So keeping aside the scrutiny of which class of joggers we belong to or don’t, let us start having FIT ME as our goal as we welcome and greet the New Year and take to keeping Fit in 2018 by jogging, running, walking, exercising and eating healthy. So ready, steady and go…..Wishing all a very Happy Healthy New Year in Advance.       

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(P.S.: Any other types of joggers I may have inadvertently missed can be suggested to be incorporated in the list. The above list is based purely on personal observation and is not scientific but creative in nature:-) Hope you enjoyed reading)


Dear Children..


Dear Children,

You seem lost and there is despair in your teary eyes and many questions in your ever curious minds at the series of events, in the past week, that have led to a murder, humiliation and rape of not just your young counterparts but also humanity on the whole.

As we write this letter, there is lot of pain, anxiety and remorse that we are going through. Knowing completely well that these words(murder, rape and humiliation) would never occur in the vocabulary that we taught you, the shock that comes as you face them alone is also unknown to your innocent minds.

SORRY dear ones, for having failed in our teaching. We sent you to face the world without preparing you to fight the battles (the only battle we prepared you was that of COMPETITION as you study and to make a mark as you face the world). Yes, the battles that you face now are very fierce and so sudden that you are caught unawares. We always felt our two hands were capable to shield you against all odds but now we long for many more to protect you.

Dear little ones, we held your hand and left you in temples of education, the SCHOOLS , but little did we realize that they have changed into dens of human demonic behavior(calling them beastly would perhaps belittle the animal kingdom).

SORRY dear ones, we could not comprehend the ghastly situations that you may be required to face. The notion that we held about such events being subjected only to adults and not young innocent ones like you have proved wrong and slapped us hard enough to shatter our pride as being protective parents.

SORRY dear ones, for turning the sweet innocent smiles on your face into bitter and ugly expressions of horror and terror. We want to bring your smiles back and punish the culprits who day in and day out are robbing your smiles fearlessly.

SORRY dear ones, the eyes that once sparkled with laughter are now filled with fear. The faith and regard, that we taught you to have with elders, have become sharp weapons that have pierced your eyes blind.

Though deeply uneasy and going through sleepless nights to give you all the comforts, we assure you that LIFE is not all DARK but there is SUNSHINE  that follows and we promise, reassure and instill hope, in YOU and ourselves,  that we will have a beautiful tomorrow to make the DREAMS, that you have, come true .

Dear little ones, amidst all the thunder and lightning that will surely be raining troubles on cowards of such dastardly acts, you must open your eyes to the COLORFUL RAINBOW of FUTURE that greets you ahead.

Lovingly and with warm affection for you always,

Caring Parents.

  The incidents that have occurred in school premises on young children in India on three consecutive days in the past week prompted me to write the above letter post. First one of a murder of a 7 year old child, Second one of humiliation of a teenage girl, for not wearing school uniform, by asking her to stand in boys toilet and  the Third one of a 5 year old child being raped. As a mother of two school-going kids I have been having sleepless nights over past few days since the incidents and comforting my kids with positive thoughts. The outrage and anguish that these incidences have created, among all the parents, have broken the walls of patience.

I have been reading the book AJAYA-Epic of the Kaurava clan Book-I Role of the Dice by Anand Neelakantan. (In this book the author has attempted to view Mahabharat, the Indian epic, from the side ,of Kauravas, who lost the war.) It reflects on ‘Su’ yodhan rather than ‘Dur’yodhan. (‘Su’ used for good while Dur as a derogatory for bad)Hence I am tempted to call these persons, who have tortured the kids, as modern day Kauravas or Duryodhans only difference being that the Mahabharat refers to 100 Kauravas but we are facing thousands of them now. Let us pledge to win this battle for our kids.

(NB: I would welcome, if those reading this post, have thoughts similar or otherwise and share them in comments.-Medha)


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He stared

at the vast beautiful sea that lay across

befitting his huge bungalow.

He stared

at the path below with a beggar in tattered clothes

and a child snug happily in his arms.

He stared

at the smile on the child’s face

unaware of what lay ahead and unmindful of the storms

that may befall.

He stared

at the pot on the fire inviting to feed a hungry belly,

and an aroma that could belittle a star kitchen.

He stared

at the woman who was pouring her love into the plate

to feed her family.

He stared

at the man’s empty bowl and a heart filled with content.

He stared

at the rooms filled with precious decor

but holding a big void

He stared

at all the worldly treasures the beggar embraced

while he was left with the poverty of near and dear ones

begging all alone.

 He stared

at the beggar within and out

He stared

at the contrast that was LIFE

He stared

at the vast beautiful sea from his huge bungalow

He stared…


                                                                                                                                    – Medha


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The above quote seems appropriate to the poem I have penned down here….

A conflict that goes on

Day in and day out,

The war within never ceases

And intensifies with every bout

Times when YES replaces the NO,

Even when the mind finds it difficult to bow

Oh! Cease the war ! Let Peace reside

Pleads the Heart every time

Rebel! Rebel! says the inner voice,

Stay Calm shouts the mind instead

Questions become noisier

and the answers are silent

Pain leaving its presence each time

And the Heart taking it all in stride,

Blow after blow the soul bleeds

Awaiting the Darkness of War to end,

Peace! PEACE!! PEACE!!! Within

The DAWN of soulful awakening…


Let ME Be…

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It has been a week since the dawn of the New Year 2017!

This New year began with the news and debates everywhere on the molestation of women on New Year’s Eve in India. There was pain, anger, hatred and a sense of shame on what was being shown and with regards to the thoughts, that poured in from all across the social strata, in the media thereafter.

Amidst this chaos sprang these few lines…perhaps a resolve for every Body and Soul!

Let me be the shade for any sun

Let me be the shield against the gun,

Let me be the umbrella that shelters the pouring rains

Let me be the balm to soothe the pains,

Let me be the warmth to protect from the chilly winter

Let me be the voice for those who falter,

Let me be the hand to guide the lost

Let me be the ear that listens to the most,

Let me be the good amongst the bad

Let me be the smile to console the sad,

Let me be the food for someone’s hunger

Let me be the Peace for all the anger,

Let me be the rare gem to find

Let me be the HUMAN for all the mankind,

Let me be the sane amongst all the madness

Let me be just ‘ME’ with all my strengths and weakness.




A year old affair..


It seems like just a couple of days back when I was struggling on the internet to find the right platform to blog. Writing was neither my forte nor passion but I felt I could try it out and learn along the way.

And so, after doing my own bit of research, I finally singled out WORDPRESS as my blogging pad. My affair had just begun. I was loving every bit of this creative affair of BLOGGING.

It was the elaborate assistance WordPress provided that made it easy for a newbie like me to not only have a website of my own but also have the creative freedom to design it! Yes, it was indeed exciting from the word go!

Though I did not have any computing background and was just a user of computer, I found it interesting as I saw my website being develop and unravel itself on day to day basis. The different themes provided, the various menus that could be assigned and the easy widget features that could be customized gave it a personal touch with the professional aid of WordPress.

As I was patting my own back and being happy at what I had developed and designed, I realised I had to give it a title. What should it be? What was my blog going to be about? I had the least thought of what would I be blogging about. I got my cells working and it was not a ‘Eureka’ moment but somewhat similar as I had decided the title and what was my blog was going to be: ‘IDEALOGUE’.. Sharing ideas and having a dialogue.

And so, the next episode of my affair, that of writing the content that would form my blog, began. I sat down and wrote it in just 15 mins. and then read it again to check for any grammatical error. Like a child, who is eager to show his first writing, even I was restless to see my blog published.

I took my laptop and started typing and soon realized that my speed of writing and thinking outdid my speed of typing!!I was struggling to find the ‘i’, the ‘o’, the ‘t’, the ‘h’ and every other letter on my keyboard. It was like learning ABC again!! And so after struggling for an hour or so my write-up was ready to be published! I HIT the  Publish button and then previewed it. ‘Well done, girl’ was my self-appreciation as I saw the first gift of my affair, the BLOG POST and the WEBSITE, that was presented to me.

Not bad for a beginner, I thought. With each passing day, then on, I have been into this affair with encouragement and guidance from family, friends and fellow bloggers, many from across the world, with whom I have connected only due to this affair.

This YEAR old affair definitely was a learning and enriching experience and hope it continues to bloom into a beautiful relationship with all those reading it, giving their suggestions, inputs and guidance along with appreciation to make it an affair to remember:-)!!!

Looking forward from all those who are reading….-Medha



A Glimpse..

It was a beautiful, pleasant, cool breezy evening as she was taking her usual stroll in the park close to her housing society. Keeping pace with her heart beats, she was enjoying every moment of her hourly brisk walk. Manavi liked observing people and the nature around while walking.

The birds on the large Peltoforum trees, hopping from one branch to other and making tweeting sound as they hopped. ‘Perhaps, it was the mother bird calling her kids at home as the sun was setting’, Manavi laughed at the thought that flashed her mind at that instant. The leaves on the trees swaying slowly with the breeze and the birds resting in its warm comforts one by one.

A small sparrow, with its greyish brown feathers, was hopping in the grass-lawn, picking at the insects that had made their homes within. ‘It was her dinner time for sure and she must be happy’, Manavi reasoned with her brisk steps.

The park was full of elderly people, few chatting and singing songs from old classic movies of their yesteryear while few taking their walks with walking sticks in hand, some with a helpful servant doing the needful to help them take the seemingly easy but difficult step forward as they struggled with the body muscle co-ordination.

There was a sparkle in these elderly eyes, the sparkle that came from facing life with all its challenges, the sparkle of experiencing all the ups and downs that life posed before them. Each face had a story of its own that could be reflected from the wrinkles and lines on their faces, the white hair that peeped in between the black tresses or just outlined the bald heads in few senior men while in ladies it was the smooth skin tone and shine that brought the beauty in them without the need of any make-up.

“Grandpa, shall I jump?”, a 5 years old kid was asking his old yet fit grandfather and before the elderly could reply the child had jumped from the swing. The kid had just bruised himself a little on the knee and started weeping. The Grandpa picked him up and removed a clean white handkerchief to clean the mud on his knee and said, “Come on don’t cry, its nothing, you are fine. Come let us go on the slide”. The child was soon running after the assurance from his grandpa and smiling as he came sliding down from the slide. The lesson of ‘forgetting things that cause pain’ taught by the grandson to his grandfather and the child learning that ‘elders are always there to pick you up and support you whenever you fall’. Smiling at this thought, Manavi observed a couple of young teenage boys and girls laughing, each with their heads bent on the smart phone in their hands.

They were laughing at the jokes that were being shared across the social media about the two major republics of the world-USA and India. Each one taken by surprise in a day’s time-one with its election results and one with its currency, resulting in debates and counter debates, charges and counter charges, hopes and fears.

As the lights in the park turned on, Manavi looked at her watch it was the last lap of her round of brisk walk before she went home recharged with the collection of the all glimpses that were displayed before her in the short hour with herself. She was thankful as they always enriched her and made her forget all the worries that would otherwise occupy her mind.

“Yes, walking done”, Manavi replied to her friend, who had just entered the park with her 3 months old baby in the pram. Giving a smile to the baby and receiving an innocent and rejuvenating one in return, Manavi walked her way home eagerly awaiting the glimpses that would be offered the next day…

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