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16 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey!
    Just a little suggestion. Like me, many other bloggers must be there who directly jump into knowing the owner of the blog when they come across a new blog.If you can just describe yourself in your About page, it will increase the outlook of your blog ten times-fold. πŸ™‚
    Or if you already have one then I probably haven’t come across it yet.


  2. Hi .Thanks for allowing me to stop by your blog . Good writing is clear thinking made visible . And find that worth in your writing . Your articles r worth reading . U celebrate writing . U write it with soul . & Grace . Thanks for sharing such capable & incredible work . Thanks for inspiring millions of ppl like us . Thanks again:)! Much appreciated . Keep up this good work .


      1. Thank u Medha. That’s such a delight to hear from u . I’d be glad to find u visiting my blog , & will look forth to all your precision & views . Will eagerly await all your reviews . ‘To a great mind nothing is little ‘ . And I feel , great writers like u are a great source of inspiration for new learners . We beginners are inspired by such amazing bloggers like u , each day . Thanks again !


  3. Medha…outstanding expression of your thoughts, really loved the way you have wrote.. I think apart from Msc Botony, a hidden writer in you has come out. Keep going lady…! all the best


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