The Future

As you can see that the topic is about the future, so I want to ask that what you think is going to happen in the future of the world or in the family? Anything can happen in the future from getting marks till getting a job. It’s only up to us that we do the best for our future to be good.

In the future robots can come too, who can cook, clean the rooms, help us to wear our dresses and even can do the work of telling stories which I would not like, as I only like the stories told by grandparents. But still future is future we can’t control it. If we do good work always then nobody in the world can stop you from getting a good future. Anything can be done, just what we need is confidence and belief in yourself and you would surely climb the ladders to success.

I just want to do good work in the life for getting a good future. Though new robots or new cars or new buildings may come, I would be happy in getting good future as it would be my only dream which I want in life.








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