Getting Emoti(c)onal

I sat lazing around one afternoon curiously playing with the ‘smart’ gadget in my hand. I had been trying to get something ‘smart’ from it for quite some time since I got the smart phone. Suddenly my little one appeared and before I could guess what was happening, the phone in my hand was gone. She took it and said ‘Done Mom! ’. I looked astonished when I saw that the little 6 year old had sent the reply to the message. What I had been struggling was done by her in a flash. It was not only appropriate in words but with the smartest ‘emoticons’ which I could barely use.

Days have passed since then and I have learnt whatever ‘smarty’ things about the gadget with the help from my little teacher at home. Apart from the use of it to talk, the gadget has become a help at hand for almost all that we need. Just click and we have it!

Learning this and making use of it now has made me cleverer than before. The one thing with which I still struggle and which also makes me wonder is the use of ‘Emoticons’. My little ones are better off at it though and feel I need classes for using them.

This got me thinking! What a name ‘Emoticons’! The icons to be used for many emotions we need to express. Definitely worth a pat because any conversation cannot be complete without the right emotion! Whenever we converse in person, we have our face, our body emoting out the feelings and sending the message we want to convey to the other person. So, even a virtual chat had to have this human angle incorporated to convey the right message. And so were designed the ‘emoticons’ perfect for every expression and the mood we are in.

In an internet savvy world and with things changing in a millionth of a second the true emotions are perhaps a bit slow and way too behind. I feel if I am happy/ angry, it may take me a while before I display it through my actions or on my face. But with the emoticons it’s just a click and done. These small symbols have almost taken up the place of the expressions; we normally express using our face, hands or body for that matter. They have subtly formed the part of our expressions to a great extent.

For someone like me it is still the smile that I see in person which makes my day rather the emoticonal one. That reminds me of a quote: ‘Life and my emotions are the only things I am conscious of’ Dr. Homi J Bhabha. So as long as there are humans hope there will be emotions and we will definitely be getting emoti(c)onal.♥