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The above quote seems appropriate to the poem I have penned down here….

A conflict that goes on

Day in and day out,

The war within never ceases

And intensifies with every bout

Times when YES replaces the NO,

Even when the mind finds it difficult to bow

Oh! Cease the war ! Let Peace reside

Pleads the Heart every time

Rebel! Rebel! says the inner voice,

Stay Calm shouts the mind instead

Questions become noisier

and the answers are silent

Pain leaving its presence each time

And the Heart taking it all in stride,

Blow after blow the soul bleeds

Awaiting the Darkness of War to end,

Peace! PEACE!! PEACE!!! Within

The DAWN of soulful awakening…



4 thoughts on “SOULFUL AWAKENING…

  1. When great writers and poets have appreciated your blog, I can only rise and applaud. Heart, mind

    and soul are the three most beautiful divine gifts that we possess. It is always our endeavour to

    bring all the three in harmony and that is the ultimate goal of life. Just Keep it up.

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