Let ME Be…

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It has been a week since the dawn of the New Year 2017!

This New year began with the news and debates everywhere on the molestation of women on New Year’s Eve in India. There was pain, anger, hatred and a sense of shame on what was being shown and with regards to the thoughts, that poured in from all across the social strata, in the media thereafter.

Amidst this chaos sprang these few lines…perhaps a resolve for every Body and Soul!

Let me be the shade for any sun

Let me be the shield against the gun,

Let me be the umbrella that shelters the pouring rains

Let me be the balm to soothe the pains,

Let me be the warmth to protect from the chilly winter

Let me be the voice for those who falter,

Let me be the hand to guide the lost

Let me be the ear that listens to the most,

Let me be the good amongst the bad

Let me be the smile to console the sad,

Let me be the food for someone’s hunger

Let me be the Peace for all the anger,

Let me be the rare gem to find

Let me be the HUMAN for all the mankind,

Let me be the sane amongst all the madness

Let me be just ‘ME’ with all my strengths and weakness.





16 thoughts on “Let ME Be…

  1. Absolutely amazing medha…just too good…no more words to express..you have written so beautifully…..m proud to have such a lovely friend….god bless dear…..

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    1. Thanks Wallace for your encouraging words on my post and also taking a peek at my blog. This is how I genuinely feel. Inspired by such comments to write better.Would love to have suggestions to improve..happy reading.

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    1. Thanks Sumit for your wishes and that you found my poem inspiring .Just penned down few lines to express the thoughts that came after all the chaos that was going on in media.Do suggest so that I can improve in this genre.😊

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    1. Thanks for taking a peek and appreciating this poem as a ‘lovely piece of art’…I am just taking baby steps into the world of blogging.Happy reading and would welcome suggestions to improve further.Best wishes.

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  2. Phew!! If you write so beautifully, not only this year but all the years you continue to write are

    bound to be very, very happy. Let YOU be the torch in this growingly dark world.

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