A year old affair..


It seems like just a couple of days back when I was struggling on the internet to find the right platform to blog. Writing was neither my forte nor passion but I felt I could try it out and learn along the way.

And so, after doing my own bit of research, I finally singled out WORDPRESS as my blogging pad. My affair had just begun. I was loving every bit of this creative affair of BLOGGING.

It was the elaborate assistance WordPress provided that made it easy for a newbie like me to not only have a website of my own but also have the creative freedom to design it! Yes, it was indeed exciting from the word go!

Though I did not have any computing background and was just a user of computer, I found it interesting as I saw my website being develop and unravel itself on day to day basis. The different themes provided, the various menus that could be assigned and the easy widget features that could be customized gave it a personal touch with the professional aid of WordPress.

As I was patting my own back and being happy at what I had developed and designed, I realised I had to give it a title. What should it be? What was my blog going to be about? I had the least thought of what would I be blogging about. I got my cells working and it was not a ‘Eureka’ moment but somewhat similar as I had decided the title and what was my blog was going to be: ‘IDEALOGUE’.. Sharing ideas and having a dialogue.

And so, the next episode of my affair, that of writing the content that would form my blog, began. I sat down and wrote it in just 15 mins. and then read it again to check for any grammatical error. Like a child, who is eager to show his first writing, even I was restless to see my blog published.

I took my laptop and started typing and soon realized that my speed of writing and thinking outdid my speed of typing!!I was struggling to find the ‘i’, the ‘o’, the ‘t’, the ‘h’ and every other letter on my keyboard. It was like learning ABC again!! And so after struggling for an hour or so my write-up was ready to be published! I HIT the  Publish button and then previewed it. ‘Well done, girl’ was my self-appreciation as I saw the first gift of my affair, the BLOG POST and the WEBSITE, that was presented to me.

Not bad for a beginner, I thought. With each passing day, then on, I have been into this affair with encouragement and guidance from family, friends and fellow bloggers, many from across the world, with whom I have connected only due to this affair.

This YEAR old affair definitely was a learning and enriching experience and hope it continues to bloom into a beautiful relationship with all those reading it, giving their suggestions, inputs and guidance along with appreciation to make it an affair to remember:-)!!!

Looking forward from all those who are reading….-Medha




6 thoughts on “A year old affair..

  1. I hope this affair sustains its essence and continue to flourish for the coming years. I could relate to the feeling one gets after posting for the first time. 😉
    This is your first post I am going through. Will go through some more. 🙂


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