A Glimpse..

It was a beautiful, pleasant, cool breezy evening as she was taking her usual stroll in the park close to her housing society. Keeping pace with her heart beats, she was enjoying every moment of her hourly brisk walk. Manavi liked observing people and the nature around while walking.

The birds on the large Peltoforum trees, hopping from one branch to other and making tweeting sound as they hopped. ‘Perhaps, it was the mother bird calling her kids at home as the sun was setting’, Manavi laughed at the thought that flashed her mind at that instant. The leaves on the trees swaying slowly with the breeze and the birds resting in its warm comforts one by one.

A small sparrow, with its greyish brown feathers, was hopping in the grass-lawn, picking at the insects that had made their homes within. ‘It was her dinner time for sure and she must be happy’, Manavi reasoned with her brisk steps.

The park was full of elderly people, few chatting and singing songs from old classic movies of their yesteryear while few taking their walks with walking sticks in hand, some with a helpful servant doing the needful to help them take the seemingly easy but difficult step forward as they struggled with the body muscle co-ordination.

There was a sparkle in these elderly eyes, the sparkle that came from facing life with all its challenges, the sparkle of experiencing all the ups and downs that life posed before them. Each face had a story of its own that could be reflected from the wrinkles and lines on their faces, the white hair that peeped in between the black tresses or just outlined the bald heads in few senior men while in ladies it was the smooth skin tone and shine that brought the beauty in them without the need of any make-up.

“Grandpa, shall I jump?”, a 5 years old kid was asking his old yet fit grandfather and before the elderly could reply the child had jumped from the swing. The kid had just bruised himself a little on the knee and started weeping. The Grandpa picked him up and removed a clean white handkerchief to clean the mud on his knee and said, “Come on don’t cry, its nothing, you are fine. Come let us go on the slide”. The child was soon running after the assurance from his grandpa and smiling as he came sliding down from the slide. The lesson of ‘forgetting things that cause pain’ taught by the grandson to his grandfather and the child learning that ‘elders are always there to pick you up and support you whenever you fall’. Smiling at this thought, Manavi observed a couple of young teenage boys and girls laughing, each with their heads bent on the smart phone in their hands.

They were laughing at the jokes that were being shared across the social media about the two major republics of the world-USA and India. Each one taken by surprise in a day’s time-one with its election results and one with its currency, resulting in debates and counter debates, charges and counter charges, hopes and fears.

As the lights in the park turned on, Manavi looked at her watch it was the last lap of her round of brisk walk before she went home recharged with the collection of the all glimpses that were displayed before her in the short hour with herself. She was thankful as they always enriched her and made her forget all the worries that would otherwise occupy her mind.

“Yes, walking done”, Manavi replied to her friend, who had just entered the park with her 3 months old baby in the pram. Giving a smile to the baby and receiving an innocent and rejuvenating one in return, Manavi walked her way home eagerly awaiting the glimpses that would be offered the next day…

Pic: http://www.enkivillage.com/quotes-about-flower-and-life.html



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