A few days back we had the World Heart Day. And there were messages everywhere in papers, internet, mails and chats. These messages may have been read by some and perhaps they may have resolved to take care of this little ticking organ in our body, the HEART. Many may have just ignored them thinking “OH! I am too young for anything to happen to my heart” while few others may have felt “They are just exaggerating a bit too much on HEART just because it is World Heart Day”.

Anyway, ‘to each his own’, but I surely felt the need to take of my Heart and hence my health after having experienced some sad and depressed moments in the family 8 years back. We had a sudden loss and untimely deaths of our near ones due to heart attack and that is when I felt that we take this little but most important organ of our body, the HEART, too much for granted and neglect it so often.

The first initiative taken by me was to have all my tests done. I passed them all with flying colors but had a slight issue with weight as I had kept aside no time for myself and devoted all of it in household chores and family. I was told that I needed to loose some weight in order to remain healthy.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”:

*Staying Active: Have a routine exercise plan and follow it regularly on daily basis: walking, swimming, aerobics or yoga whichever suits you. The need to join a gym along with this can be optional. I do walking and yoga apart from the regular household work, like sweeping and mopping the floor(not to mention running around kids), which are also good exercises for our body. This has helped me stay active.

*Eating BETTER: Eat in small portions at a regular interval. I have been following the age old concept of eating lots of fruits and vegetables (raw and cooked, in both forms). I had to leave sweets, of all sorts that contained sugar, as Diabetes forms a part of our family medical history.

*Drinking lots of water is what I have been strictly following since childhood and so I feel energetic all the time.

*Healthy Breakfast or Snack: I do not have to just take care of myself and my husband but also my two kids and always have to try and find healthier options for them to eat as snacks or during breakfast as against the ‘two-minute instant noodle junk’ they like eating. That is when my search led me to ‘SAFFOLA OATS. These ready to cook oats have not only provided a healthier option for my kids but also tastier with different flavors’ to suit their tastes. It has become a part of our breakfast and snack routine apart from items like poha, upma, idli dosa.

The variation of having plain SAFFOLA OATS with milk with strawberry or chocolate syrup has made it a favorite breakfast apart from the spicy ready to cook oats. I also make ‘SAFFOLA OATS tikkis’, by blending it with mashed potatoes and adding spices, as a variation sometimes and it is a much loved snack to compliment the rainy weather outside.

*A routine check up at regular intervals will definitely be a boost in taking the right steps at the right time and go a long way in maintaining good health.

I think a mother not only needs to take care of HER HEART but also of the entire family. I think when it is said that ‘Mother is the Heart of the house‘, it is hard time that all women take care to ensure the health of their HEART and eventually their entire family.

And to conclude this post, let us all keep this equation in mind:








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