The Perfect Couple


                “Hey, Wait, will you?” said Heart but Brain had many things to catch up and before Heart knew, he was speeding ahead at the speed of lightning carrying a huge bundle of thoughts. It was not that Heart did not know that Brain would always run ahead of her and it was always difficult to cope with him. Brain, being very practical in approach, knew he had very little time to get things organized and he needed to rush.

                    Heart would always be the gentler and the soft one while Brain the exactly opposite, with his harsh and tough attitude. How Heart wished that Brain could just mellow himself a little bit and rest sometimes. She would always plead but Brain had his way and she could do very little about it. “Please don’t come in my way of thinking and mess up things”, he said and Heart had to relent to his command.

                    It was perhaps a union of two extreme, and yet loving, identities when they had met at ‘The Human’, working in different departments. She served in the ‘Circulations Department’ while he was in the ‘Intelligence and Co-ordinations Department’. Heart had fallen in love the moment she heard him speak with all logic and reasoning for the first time. Brain was equally mesmerized by her charm and the tender and loving approach she had towards everyone. Theirs was a marriage of opposites!

                    She would always recollect the way she would be engrossed in his talks once he started speaking and wish that they would never end. She always felt that he was her perfect complement and their union was one of the best things that could happen.

                  But slowly the new marriage charm faded after a few years and there was a tussle between them on a day to day basis. Heart was trying her best to adjust and cope with Brain’s intelligent and practical thinking. She had her own outlook of the world which was very different from his and this created a huge contrast.


                      Heart would say “I liked the way the man sang at the orchestra” while he would retort “Oh! It was a bit too loud orchestration”. “Isn’t it a lovely day to begin with a drizzle and drench the nature with raindrops?” she would ask after the rain showers had begun right at the dawn and he would crib “Not again, it will be so murky and muddy for the whole day now.” Such conversations would make her feel sad yet she never took them to heart and always remained happy.

                     Brain was always engrossed in thinking and if Heart interrupted him with anything, he would be harsh. The age was taking toll and Brain was finding it difficult to focus and recollect even tiny bits of information which he once took pride in and had surprised one and all. This led to his anger, and whom could he vent it out on but his better half, Heart. She knew this and took things in stride and tried to comfort him and gave him hope, nevertheless.

                  She was also coping with serious blood pressure problem due to age and the doctors had advised her not to be stressed and remain cheerful. She needed to be in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Brain had no time to devote to her, for he was busy in his own world managing too many things apart from his own health issues. He was always in a hurry as there were so many thoughts he had to sort out. Some related to the functioning of the ‘Organs’ in his organization while others related to the day to day business he had to carry out. Heart, on the other hand, was patient and would always strive to keep everyone functioning smoothly.

                     Brain and Heart had now been with ‘The Human’ for almost 75 years now and it was nearly difficult for the organization to work without either of them. They had served the organization religiously and sincerely, with all honesty and under all circumstances, without ever trying to take credit for the growth of the organization. Even the thought of parting with either of them left ‘The Human’ stunned and speechless.

                  “How will we manage without you? You are the reason for our entire development and the status we have in the society. Please be with us and let us serve and take care of you henceforth”, they said at the organization, as Brain and Heart had submitted their health report and wanted to resign.

                    Brain and Heart smiled and were grateful for the love showered to them and the kind service offered to them after so many years. They both had tears as they parted and left ‘The Human’ and there was nothing but deep silence around…!!!



(Take care-Medha)


9 thoughts on “The Perfect Couple

  1. Huh!! I am stunned and speechless by the brevity of your thoughts. It is surely the result of your ‘Circulations Department’ and Co-ordinations Department’.working in unison. Hats off!!!


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