“ Mom, the battery is down and the car is not moving an inch”, cried my son the other day as his remote controlled toy car came to a halt, after all the running around it had done at his mercy. “Get it charged, beta (son)”, I told him. All the electronic gadgets these days are mostly battery operated and hence they i.e. their batteries have to be recharged time and again. It is almost mechanical and a necessity to have them recharged instantly. And when they are charged we feel elated to move ahead with our tasks right away.

And so after few hours of doing the needful my son was once again running around the house, maneuvering it and even dashing it at times and enjoying himself. My daughter was laughing, as she watched it and kept running in between, as he maneuvered the toy.

How I wish we too had something as instant as the battery charger to charge up ourselves. Not that we would need it as often but if we felt low we could boost ourselves instantly and get going. At work or at home we would be efficient all the time.

There are ways to recharge ourselves. Listening to good music, reading a book, doing an art activity, just going out in the nature, taking a swim, indulging in a sport, playing and laughing with kids  or helping someone are just a few of them that  I would myself do. These and many more such activities provide us a break from the mundane routine and this break is perhaps the reason for us to feel recharged.

I took to writing posts to recharge myself and now I feel refreshed almost every time I have written and shared something. (I am writing this post after almost a month since my last post…a long break to recharge myself perhaps… ha-ha..!)There will be a time, I am sure, as psychological studies explore this need to recharge and come up with something other than instant pills or gadgets to do the needful. Till then back to our own magical recharges!!




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