self connectEvery day we connect directly or indirectly with many people. The ways to connect have been enhanced by the social media and the internet. Why is there a sudden need to connect? Are we crossing limits while connecting?

I feel that human beings are social beings first and the need to connect arises from this basic fact. We want people to connect to us. The first connect begins from the womb itself. The Mother and child connect begins from the day the child conceives. Both are not aware but the connect starts right away and it is indeed a topic of research how this connect goes on to mould the individual when he is out into the world.

The other connects that take place later on as we start the journey of life depend largely on the type of person we are and the need and necessity to do so; an introvert may not feel the need to have many connections and may have just a few like relationships, friends and official connects while an extrovert may have as many as possible apart from these like everyday acquaintances from morning walks, friends of friends, connects due to regular office journeys, club connects and so on and so forth.

It is a matter of individual choice and interest to connect or not to connect. Many times these connections do not really lead far but sometimes these connections can lead to bonds beyond one’s comprehension. These bonds I feel are far strong and limitless of the so-called conformed relationships.While some of these connections lead to many kinds of cross cultural, racial and community connects, it is not acceptable easily and has to be approved by society at large.

These connections nowadays are more rapid and hence superficial may be because the world is evolving fast and coming closer at the speed of nanosecond and if one has to keep up to this fast pace and rise one has to be able to connect easily and there is no real-time to tighten these bonds.It only forms a big intermingled network of connects.Of course this has its own repercussions and drawbacks and can be found to be invading others time and space. It is matter of grave concern and limits need to be set to allow connects without intruding others’ cocoons of comfort.

The deeper connect and the most difficult one is ‘the connect’ with our own self. A lot has been written and discussed thoroughly in books of psychology and spirituality. I feel that this is the ‘Real connect’ all need to work upon and all the other connects will fall in place and there will be little place for disharmony and the gain will definitely be PEACE which will be worth all the effort.

(P.S.Hope this post finds connects :-))





5 thoughts on “THE REAL CONNECT

  1. Medhar, I really love your post on connection! 🙂 It’s wonderful and you are so right, we as humans crave connection, that’s why we’re here. I’m so happy you connected with me on my blog and it’s a pleasure reading your posts as well. Keep up the great writing, it’s awesome 🙂


    1. Thanks for sparing time to read my post and appreciating, Jen. I have just begun exploring writing and am at infant stage 😊 and learning the skills by reading blogs from experts like you. Looking forward eagerly to your next one as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re most welcome Medhar, you are very good at writing so keep going 🙂 I’m no expert but I just try and writing makes me happy 🙂 I’ll make sure I get another blog up in September which is right around the corner 😉 Hope you are having a great week


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