They are delayed, they have reached the coasts of Kerala, no, they have been held… Yes, they have reached Kerala and soon will be all over Mumbai and Maharashtra. These news items had been flashing everywhere and with eyes and ears all towards the skies each and everyone seemed to be praying for rains to anyone and everyone who held the powers to bring them down. Finally the prayers have been answered and it’s been raining more than just cats and dogs I would say, for the past few days here in India.

I am in my cozy,little kitchen, looking out of the window and imagining the water falling down, from the balcony of one the flats onto the shed that covers the shop below, to be  nothing less than a water fall. My old radio playing Hindi movie song of rains is complimenting it and it’s a perfect set up for having ginger tea and hot Onion or Khekda bhajjis as they are called here in parts of Mumbai( Khekda meaning crab as the bhajjis resemble them). I mix the batter of chickpea flour and long, thin sliced onions while humming the number that is being played on the radio. The oil in the wok is perfect hot and I slowly add the bhajjis. The sound of the bhajji as they are put into the oil and the aroma of it all bring the kids to the kitchen and they can’t wait to taste it.

As they are fried; and after being satisfied that they are the right colour and crisp enough, I dish them out to my kids. They run out to eat and are shouting soon for more. “Mummy, YUMMY!” says one while the other shouts “Mummy SUPER CHEF”. I just smile while giving them two more platefuls with a warning ‘Not anymore now’. The last few ones I take into  a bowl in one  hand and with a cup of aromatic hot boiling Ginger tea into a cup in another , I sit down to enjoy the cool breeze and the rains,looking out of the window watching the world drenched to the core and running by.

I grab the newspaper while enjoying and patting myself for the delicacy I have prepared. Trains cancelled, railway lines disrupted, roads blocked, water logging everywhere, trees falling, buildings collapse, wall collapse, people drowning, getting buried in the debris…the list of fallacies is endless. Everyone who has a post of authority playing the finger pointing game once again-‘I Point At You, You Point At Them, They Point At Me’ and the game goes on. I close the newspaper and have another bite and sip the hot ginger tea. The rain is still playing romantically outside with the breeze and the trees dancing and swaying as it flirts.

I switch on the TV to have more fun. ‘Whose fault it is?’Asks one of the journalist with regards to the flood like situation all over the country since it’s been raining.  ‘Definitely it is the cruel NATURE. It just does not understand how much to pour and when and where’, says Mr.A. ‘We had all the measures in place but this nature is just unpredictable’, moans Mr.B. ‘It is the curse of GOD’, says another divine intelligent with a serene face.

As videos of people being given food packets into their homes and being carried to safe place by deploying boats in some places went on flashing and roads flooded with cars and trucks and buses and scooters moving rather crawling at snails pace made news, I laugh sarcastically and remember the Common Man of R.K. Laxman who smiled all odds. I miss him as I take the last bite of, now lump and cold, bhajjis. I look out of the window; it is still raining and the child within me just opens the door of the balcony and reaches out to drench in the rain with the kids running after me. Soon we are all wet and all the thoughts that occupied my mind a few seconds earlier are drowned with it and it just felt lighter and fresh.

rain quote

(Pic :http://quotesgram.com/img/rain-storm-quotes/5YDv6IsQyG/)


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