The Door

The Story Behind a Door


I have seen it all as I stand here all by myself. Yes, it was me who has been the witness to the rise and fall of the kings that once adorned the thrones of this beautiful mansion.

I recollect the great time when there was gold and silver adorning all over my heavy framework with beautiful floral motifs carved. I stood there shining bright. I welcomed each guest with open arms. It was a prestige for me to be the first one to welcome the royal majesties from different parts of India.

The beautiful queens and the royal princess were always enthralled by my beauty and couldn’t help admiring it. I felt elated whenever I heard words of praise. I was not only a piece of art and admiration but I was proud caretaker of the huge grandeur inside.

It was within my boundary that several important decisions of the state were taken by the majesties. I still recollect the beautiful melodies that were sung by the singers from different parts of the country, the dances by beautiful ladies and the music by various artists that came to perform right amidst my enclosure. Oh! How much I miss the sound of it all!!

There were times when secret missions of battle were planned and I had the responsibility to ensure that they never leaked out. There was always some activity that was going on within my premises making me a part of it, whether good or bad. I would be happy or sad along with them.

The most memorable event would be the coronation of the new king. The whole palace would be an arena of various events and would be hustling with laughter, music, decorations and guests from all over.This would commence from over weeks ahead of the coronation and continue for few days beyond. Just a sort of majestic festival!!

All this has passed now and over the years the palace not only lost its princely status but also its charismatic glamour.Yes, change is inevitable with time and so I stand here as a symbol of the times gone by, only to remind the generation to come of their rich, beautiful and eventful past!!!

‘Move on. It’s just a chapter in the past. But don’t close the book. Just turn the page’


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