Map of INDIA


Summer time and school vacations have become synonymous with clearing shelves and rediscovering many things stacked in one corner of shelves. During one such ritual that I was into, I found an old outline map of India. It was a neatly folded piece of paper, which was now showing lines of aging across its folds.

As I opened it, I was taken back to my school days when I had bought it. Perhaps it was one of the extras we always kept, to come in handy when required in school. Maps had become a part our school curriculum after fifth grade. Maps always fascinated me and plotting rivers, mountains, rainfall, crops on it always taught me more than perhaps the paragraphs in the textbooks.

Map reading and plotting would be one of the favorite amongst my school friends. The visual display of the geographical diversity of INDIA made it even more interesting. The huge Himalayas in North, the vast water boundary across the east, west and south and the different land forms made it a unique piece of Nature’s art.

Maps have played an integral part of every civilization and will continue to evolve over the years. As this piece of paper had a role to play in my school life, there will be many of them across the globe, each one with a unique role to play.



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