Left Behind…

Everyday there are many thoughts that crop into our minds, throughout the day. Some of them happy, some of them sad, some are questions while some are the answers we have been looking for. Do all these thoughts really make or break our day. Do these thoughts determine how our day will be? Perhaps Yes.

As I am writing this blog, I was just introspecting what is it that I have left behind and moved along? Yes they are ‘the negative thoughts’. I have left many of the negative thoughts that have popped up in this compartment called Brain in the head. The negative thoughts do make and break our day.

I had to leave these behind so that they never came into my journey of learning and blocked my success. Sure enough it was never a decision that I regretted and it definitely bought a whole lot of positivism in me. I think this habit was inculcated in me by my parents who always tried to bring out positivism in everything that happens.

So, all through my school and college learning days, I never let these negative thoughts bog me down or create a bubble in my head which was out to burst. Soon it has become a nature and part of me.

On second thoughts, I penned down this poem to enlist the things I left behind.


Oh it’s here, the middle age wonder and the time is right for me,

As I look at the years past by and go down the memory pane,

to take a peep, at the things left behind by me…


 The first I see I left my sweet and wonderful childhood,

The innocence and the curiosity that came along,

How I wish I could take that part with me I would..


There are many small things I left, which were oh so dear to me

The doll, the mud castle and the writing on the walls,

The dirty hands that were so much an integral part of me…


Left behind the youthful years, with all the energy and charm it got along

Life was so wonderful then, with dreams in heart and books in hand,

It was a time when ideas rained and life seemed a wonderful song…


There are people, places and thoughts that got left along the way,

Some moved away from me, from some I moved away,

Yes, many, many things left behind…


With every parting, I had left behind a small part of me,

But no regrets, as I know now, that it was all to make a better ‘Me’ !







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