A Different Day

As usual I woke up today at 5.00 am in the morning. Not that I am an early riser by choice, but the school routines of my kids have made me one. So it once again began.. my race against time!

Waking up kids and asking them to get ready. While they get ready, I have kept the milk boiling on one burner of the gas stove while there is the wok on other burner for the vegetable to be cooked. As this goes on my hands are full cutting the vegetable in pieces. Today I prepare the mix vegetable which kids love. So I am cutting cauliflower, carrot, beans, onion, capsicum and tomatoes with the expertise achieved over the years.

The milk boils and before it happily overflows I put off the burner. The cups are laid on the platform, sugar and chocolate powder is stirred into the milk, poured in them. I yell out to the kids while cooking the vegetables and making chapattis/ pancakes of wheat flour on other hand. They have something going on about the pair of socks, which are always a matter dispute, with both wanting the pair the other one has. I have to mediate as the clock is ticking and its 6.00 clock and they must have their milk before they take the school bus.

The matter of socks is sorted and each one takes his cup and have a small competition with who finishes it first. While this is on, I clean and wash the utensils used overnight. The clock ticks 6.20 am. I have filled their tiffins, with the vegetable and chapattis, and water bottles too. Checking their bags and combing their hair before they leave, I get ready to say them good bye as they jump on to their buses.

Its 6.45 by now and I am now all by myself. Picking up all the things lying around and putting them in their appropriate corners, I hurriedly take the broom to sweep the floor. After every room has been swept I take water to wipe it wet and clean it thoroughly. As I am doing this I feel a slight uneasiness. I ignore it and go on carrying out the job.

After a while I start perspiring and my heart beat is also faster. I sit down and drink a glass of water. This makes me feel much better. Now it is 7.00 am. I get down to doing some stretching exercises but cannot concentrate and have that feeling of uneasiness once again. May be I need to relax and so I just begin doing some breathing exercises.

It is 7.30 and I feel slightly better after the breathing relaxation. I go on and have few more glasses of water. I keep water boiling to make some green tea and as it boils I switch on the radio to listen to some music. Music is a good relaxant. As I sip the green tea and hum a few tunes of the songs played on the radio I feel better.

Clearing the kitchen platform and wiping it clean I head to open my wardrobe to pick out the dress I would be wearing for the day. Yes, it’s my favorite light blue dress with floral dupatta which I choose for the day.

After having a bath and getting ready for my office duty, I quickly packed my lunch box and had a bite of sandwich as breakfast. I then dart out of home as quickly as possible and take the bus to my office. The bus stop being very close to my home it is the bus which I prefer to travel. The bus was packed and it seemed impossible for me to stand let alone get a seat till my destination which was five stops away. I was thinking about my tasks scheduled for the day at work when the bus got a jolt and before we all knew what had happened the bus drifted on one side and banged the footpath.

Many of us who were standing fell and were hurt. The driver meanwhile got down the bus and asked all the passengers to keep and get off slowly one by one. The conductor was also hurt but somehow got up and made sure that the passengers who were hurt could get down safely.

As each one of us is trying to ascertain the injury that we had, we come to know that it was a reckless driver who had banged on the bus from wrong side. He was a youngster speeding away his luxurious car. His car was damaged severely and he had miraculous escape from the claws of death thanks to the air bags in the car. The car had rammed so hard that it would be difficult to imagine that the driver would be safe and sound.

Soon the police and an ambulance had arrived at the spot and after noting the statements from each of us and giving first aid to those having least injury and getting others to the nearby hospital the police asked us to leave for our routines ahead.

I was now bruised on my leg and my hand was paining due the sudden jolt it had faced. I saw my watch and soon realized it was more than two hours and had been too late to work. I called up my boss and informed him about the whole incident and told him that though I was not injured much I would require visiting the doctor to ascertain that my right hand, which was paining, was not injured internally. My boss was kind enough to give me a leave and I took an auto-rickshaw to our physician.

The pain is now unbearable. As I am awaiting my turn, I am observing other patients, along with me, to divert myself off the pain. Each one had his own pain to endure! The girl at the reception announced that it was my turn. I went into the cabin where the doctor asked the nurse to observe if there was any mark showing signs of internal injury. The nurse checked my shoulders and found that there was a big black patch right on the shoulder joint and asked me to slowly raise my hand. I was in terrible pain. It was not easy for me to move it but slowly I had raised it enough for the doctor to ascertain that there was no fracture. Yet in order to be quite sure he asked me to get an X-ray. I went to the X-ray room and got an X-ray which showed no fracture. I informed the doctor and he gave me some medicines and asked me to give my hand some rest for a couple of days.

I thanked the doctor. It is now almost past noon and I’m now eager to reach home. It will be a surprise for my kids to have me welcome them, as they come home from school. As I get back home and change my now torn lovely dress, I thank the almighty for sparring me of any major injury. I put on slippers and get to the lane to welcome my kids. It is 2.00 o’ clock and as the bus arrives, I have my two smiling faces jump off it and embrace me with a hug! The joy I see on their faces compensates for any pain at all!!! The day that was supposed to be like any other day, had  turned out to be a lot different than I had expected!


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