“You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.”-

This tweet by E J Koh got me interested to pen down a few lines.It is indeed very true and an ironical fact of life.

We start ‘Studying‘ at the age of four and go on Studying, for over 15 years ,till we have a certificate of our own name telling the whole world about our so called ‘Knowledge’. This forms the basis of what gives us a sense of achievement and a job with a social status attached to it.We are elated at the luxuries and monetary gains that we get over the years and also the position we rise along-with.

But as we ride along this journey, somewhere we are faced with the fact that we have to upgrade and update ourselves with the fast moving world or else we will lag behind. In this race, we are also in the constant fear of falling down.And so we constantly challenge ourselves and keep on testing, which requires studying not exactly as we did in school/college but by our own experience, introspection and thought process.

It is during this journey that one discovers that the education, we received, was only a means to help us create a space in the society but there is more to learn which we acquire in the class of ‘LIFE’.And so education helps us to discover that we know nothing at all but at the same time helps us to position ourselves better in this vast vast world!!A gift which is worth a lifetime!


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