Space to Write


We all come to this world and have our own ‘Space’. This space is very unique to oneself.Each one creates his own space with his family, friends and associates.So each individual requires a space in this ‘World space’.

Similarly, any activity that a person carries out requires ‘Space’. Writers also require a space to write.What kind of a space would it be? May be a well arranged table with lots of books, stacks of papers and pen, pen stand and stationery and a laptop at its center. Or an unkempt,cluttered desk with drawers filled with pen and pencils and books and papers and files all over the desk with barely a corner for the laptop or computer. It may also happen that a person may have his laptop and be seated in a quite room or a coffee shop to do the writing.Some may even seek the solitude with nature in the corner of a garden or a park bench.

My space for writing is a small corner of a room with my laptop. I do not know if I can write only in solitude because generally there are my children around, seeking my attention in the background,as I write.Then there is the door bell and the phone ring which make sure that there is music around as I write!

So, as many writers or creative persons there are as many spaces of their own. I do not know what or how much important role this ‘Space’ plays in writing as I am just beginning to make an attempt at writing. But I am definitely sure that this space goes a long way in inspiring and delivering the creative best of any writer!!!

To all those who write: Have your ‘Space’ and write well too!

Welcome any comments and suggestions.




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