Inspiration For Writing

Why do I write? Or what inspires me to write? Questions that are often answered by all those who write. Could I answer this question? Well seems rather simple to answer but for an amateur one like me it is not.

It was not so easy to answer for two reasons; firstly I have not written as much and as creative to say what really inspires me and secondly I really have not given it a thought to answer it right away.Many people are inspired by people, nature and lots of other things. What was it that made me write? As I pondered over it for over a day, I realized it is the ‘thoughts’ that inspire me.Yes, thoughts that I have read or that just come across due to a certain situation. They are thoughts. Creatively speaking thoughts come out as words or paragraphs and phrase into whatever I write.

These thoughts may be sudden or may be a result of the thinking process that goes on inside the huge chamber in our head, the brain. Not that I write what I think as it is, imagination has a larger role to play in it.

I write just  because it feels nice and I feel I have started a dialogue with what I have written. I do hope I will improve along as I write and have a connect with the best ones along.


One thought on “Inspiration For Writing

  1. You write because it feels nice but have you realized that others feel nice to read your thought

    process and that is the success of good writing. Just keep it up.


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