Writing after a month…a long, long gap! Children had summer holidays and so took time off to be with them. Not that I am not with them, but it was a time off to learn and be creative along with them.

Vacations were relaxing, with me and kids taking some keyboard lessons and trying our hand at playing some songs.

Children enjoyed when it came to playing songs they knew and got bored when some theory was explained. It was a routine we took to every day, to play some melody even if it was a repetition. We all had a musical time doing this and lots of fun.

Kids love playing in parks. It was badminton and flying saucer which they enjoyed the most apart from hide and seek. In the afternoons, when it was too hot, we would be enjoying playing cards, scrabble or housie indoors. Drawing, painting and colouring are always a part of the kids’ holiday routine as they love these activities.

It’s impossible to have summer holidays without mangoes, so kids relished mangoes this year too. They ate all sorts of delicacies and variations possible, in pieces, in yoghurt, as juice, with ice cream, milkshake. It was a heart full vacation with mangoes.

Time flies so soon and the vacations ,which seemed long, have come to an end and the school routines begin in about a week’s time.

And this quote by Dr. Anthony P Witham, “Children spell Love…T-I-M-E” puts it the best. So until next long holidays… hope to give some love everyday:-)!!






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