As the final exams get over, my kids are looking forward to the long summer vacations. I happened to read an amusing quote sometime back-‘Happiness is.. the last day of exams’, so simple and truthful explanation of happiness.

Children really do seek happiness in such small things and are always in happy mode unless we adults interfere. Almost all of us have experienced this as kids and yet without even realizing we never know when we let go of this beautiful ability of ours and burden ourselves with worries.

It is not that we don’t seek happiness as adults, we do but the parameters change. Instead of small moments we look only for big moments of success and achievements as happy moments. Can a good morning with a refreshing cup of tea not make for a happy moment? Or can a good music/song, make a happy moment? For me a happy moment is doing a round of fresh vegetable and fruit market. A garland of fresh jasmine flowers makes ‘my happy moment’ anytime. Spending time with family is another one such happy moment.

There are many such moments to call for. An artist may have one on completion of his painting, for a teacher a lesson well taught, for an orator his speech, for a salesman his sale, for a farmer the crop in his farm, watching the silent waves of the sea on the beach with your loved one, so on and so forth. Definitely there are few traumatic moments too which are demanding and snatch our precious happiness and mental peace.

It is not easy to overcome such times but one must always strive for gaining the happy mode and bring happiness back into our and others life. Because Happiness not only brings along with it Peace but also our lifelong friend ‘Good Health’, so everyone must restore it soon and jump back with a smile.

‘Happiness is a Journey.. not a Destination’ wishing that everyone has a happy journey !!






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