Dear Breaking News,

Hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit!I know as I write you this letter , you will be busy as usual . Nowadays you hardly have time to acknowledge anyone leave alone yourself. Pace of life has been fast and so have you been too.

I don’t know if you recollect the sweet old times when I would look forward to you. I remember the first time when you flashed across our News channel. It was a time when we were the only one to broadcast you. So it was a moment of reckoning for each and every member who had been a part of bringing you on our channel. Oh, what a day it was! It still flashes before me, moment by moment, those images that formed a part of the news. It was a launch of a new satellite! Yes it was an exhilarating moment in the newsroom, the production team and the newsroom staffs were rejoicing as the images flashed.

There was going to be a boom in the media and all the other means of communication with the launch of this satellite and we would be soon having multiple channels with broadcast time 24 by 7. Yes ,this was a ‘Breaking News’ everyone awaited and partied over for days together. It was like climbing an ice mountain and hoisting our national flag!

Soon we saw you again, after many months, which was also an event worth celebrating. But soon things changed, we had a band of channels and a host of people bombarding breaking news daily. So it now became a thing of prestige rather than of service to people, service of earnestly providing people with news that was attention seeking and breaking grounds rather than a means of gaining viewership and publicity. I was greatly disturbed seeing your plight on each channel and the noise it all created, instead of true means of bringing forth what would be the best, as far as information was concerned. Oh! How unnerving and heartbreaking it was!!!

I understand that the times have been tough and it is taking toll on your quality. I do know that every moment you are trying the best you can to avoid being into any sort of commotion. But still a word of advice from me it’s better if you can avoid being at too many places at a time for your health and condition.

Just wanted to remind you once again how much I miss your short and sweet occasional appearances and hope it will not be long before I have you  in the same form as before.

Take care till we meet next, hope it’s not very soon.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Yours friendly,

                                                                                                                                   The News Channel.



3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS

  1. True Medha. .
    Happiness lies in the simple things in life. We as kids know it better than we as adults. This search for happiness can be summed up in a line I heard in a movie ,” it’s so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple!”


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