Happy Living Day

Yesterday I saw the movie ‘Neerja’, which is based on the true story of an Indian girl who not only made a name for herself and her family but did her country proud. The movie ended with a salute to the ‘hero’-‘Neerja’. Today is 8th March. So what is special? It has been past month or so and every media or brand has seen to it that they come out with their best to promote it .Yes, its International Women’s Day, a time when many such ‘heroes’ are brought to the forefront, their stories told and they are rewarded.

Is it required to celebrate Women’s Day? Yes and no. Yes, if we are really going to respect, admire and salute the WOMAN. No, because merely celebrating it as a day is not enough as we have yet to bring the change at many levels and strata’s of society regarding their outlook towards women, be it in villages, towns or cities. Unless that is done Women’s Day celebration will mean very little. A lot has been highlighted in the newspapers, television internet and other means of communication for the past few days about how girls or women are even now not at liberty to do what their male counterparts are given an opportunity to do the world over.

Almost each and every day belongs to each human being and every other living being on this planet earth. There is the ‘Birth Day’ celebration that starts as soon as we grow a year old and when barely understand the meaning of what is going around us or acknowledge the celebration meant for us. But nevertheless it is first of the list of Days to be celebrated in the course of life. Not long before we start appreciating and rejoicing this day we are into school where Children’s Day is celebrated and children are allowed to enjoy themselves by dancing, singing or any doing some other activity except the regular text and notebook study. There is Teacher’s Day celebration to respect and honor our teachers.

In colleges, there are a plethora of Days like Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Friendship Day, Traditional Day, Day of any colour like Red Day, Blue day, Black and white Day. This list of days adds many colours to the youthful college days.

Now there are Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grandparents Day too! It may not be long before we may as well celebrate other relations too( like Uncle’s and Aunt’s Day or Brother and Sister Day or Niece and Nephew Day) because relations are becoming distant and rare and so each one will count for celebration as well! I even sometimes wonder and get amused by the thought of the kind of celebrations other life forms like animals, birds and tiny creatures would have, which have been beautifully shown in many cartoon/animation films.

Imagine life without any celebration! Oh, so boring and dull. That is not to say that we have more and more of days as mentioned above but we definitely need to respect each other and celebrate those who are a part of our life and enrich our lives in some way or the other! As we continue to evolve in every sphere of life the need for celebration of ‘LIFE’ itself will be something each one will continue to look forward to. So ‘HAPPY LIFE- HAPPY LIVING DAY’ to one and all on this special day for Women! And here is a beautiful quote by Oprah Winfrey to conclude and celebrate my tenth post-” The more you praise and celebrate your LIFE, the more there is in Life to Celebrate.”


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