The above proverb fascinates me and I just re-framed it ‘Wherever there is a “Mother” there is GOD’. Loads and loads have been written and will also be continued to be written on this member of a family. The sound of the word ‘Mother’ generates a sense of peace and serenity in almost all the languages and dialects known to human mind. Most of the times it is the mother who is the true backbone of the house and nevertheless the strongest support to the entire family.

If we take a rewind into the history, and a peep into the ages of past, it reveals that nothing with regards to a ‘Mother’ has changed. Perhaps may be with the pace of life accelerating, the stress levels of a mother have increased.

Almost everyone has a ‘Mother’ or a ‘motherly figure’ to express gratitude for their upbringing. In Indian context though, one very rarely expresses this verbally. So it is almost that the mother is the most taken for granted individual of the family. She has to understand each and everyone and balance the entire family in all spheres.

Whether the mother is at home as a home maker or doing a job as well as managing home it is indeed an ardent task to keep the house smiling managing each individual person’s whims and behavior. Almost everybody in the house looks up to her for a quick fix to their mood swings. She has to ‘just understand’ everyone.

An interesting definition of Mother:“One person who does the work of twenty for free”. Ignoring the humor in this definition, it is indeed a very multitasking job which is given the least due. There are various studies and surveys which reveal that if the mother is paid for the services she does, she would be perhaps the richest earning member of the family. But surely no mother wishes to receive so. She is too happy being selfless and full of love and care for others expecting only smiles and love in return.

Rare instances also have mothers being exactly opposite and not at all having the care and love that is expected as their character. This may be contributed to their genetic framework or just lack of it due to reasons unknown. These escapades of motherly behavior are so rare that they can be forsaken.

Most of us have a really special place in our heart,no matter how old we grow, for our ‘Mother’. This beautiful line perhaps says it the best- ‘My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune’ Graycie Harmon.

And perhaps as she is the one who knows us nine months more than anyone else in the world we owe her, our ‘Mother’, even more than our gratitude can express!!!!



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