Last week saw many people taking their much awaited year end long vacation. Some spending time with children and family or enjoying themselves by relaxing on a trip with their loved ones while others doing things close to heart like art, cookery or hobby classes. It is that time of the year which everyone awaits to say good bye to the year passing by and welcoming the one ahead with the hope of something new.

A few like me, who chose to stay at home and got themselves bored for yet another time in front of the ‘idiot box -T.V.’ were in for a morning surprise with a ‘breaking news’. It was a video which was captured by a tourist, of his adventurous vacation for New Year holidays at Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary near Maharashtra’s Nagpur. The video showed a tiger coming close to the tourist’s open jeep and biting the side mirror. Everyone in the jeep was stunned and still like a rock. There was fear in their eyes for those few moments when the tiger moved about their jeep. The fear of being attacked by the tiger…the fear of death!

The next day these same tourists gave an interview of their LIVE experience with one of the most fearful wild creatures of our jungles, the Tiger. They had smiles as they narrated the incident and felt as elated as if they had conquered victory in a war!

Yes it was indeed a victory. A victory over their Fear!!Almost each one of us has a fear of some kind or the other. A child who has just managed to stand up on his feet has the fear of falling down while getting up on his own. Recollecting how my kids would take the help of wall or bed or our hand and only when they were sure that they would not fall, they would stand up straight very slowly.

Likewise, as a kid going to school, there is the fear of teacher scolding for not doing the work assigned at home. Similarly fear of standing up in class to answer or facing an audience. These fears change as we grow. In college years, it is the fear of getting selected for a particular course and having a career.It is indeed very interesting that when we overcome one Fear another one takes its place in a jiffy!

Very rarely do we try to do things on our own that help us to overcome fear. But life has a unique way to of teaching and solving problems. It plunges us into situations that help us learn and overcome.

‘Fear  is the brains way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome’-Rachel Huber

As often quoted either you, “Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.” Hope this year we resolve to overcome one such Fear and may be the cave of fear will unravel treasures of our unknown selves we did not seek. The smile on our faces will definitely last us the year through!HAPPY YEAR AHEAD:-)


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