My Muses

Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts…..our brain or mind is always occupied by many of them. If we are preoccupied with work then they pertain to the work in hand and if not they can be anything we can even remotely imagine.

It is said that thoughts become words and words result in action and hence one must always be careful of what one thinks. This is indeed very interesting because thoughts do channelize and are to an extent responsible for whatever happens to us. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcome while negative thoughts have the exactly opposite effect.

A child may have thoughts of only the things he likes to do. He may have thoughts of what he can play or stories he has heard of and may be the books he reads. They are very much full of positivity. Negativity may only be instilled during that phase by the circumstances he is brought up in or the society around him.

As we grow and start maturing, our faculties of analyzing and applying our mind, based on the experiences gathered over the years, result in many negative thoughts. This results in stress over a period of time. Why stress? It is because our human nature always wants positive outcomes but somehow we cannot refrain from weighing the pros and cons of a situation/problem we are faced with, which then results in negativity. A conflict each one fights within himself!

Yet all this said and done, our mind has the ‘Eureka’ capacity which brings forth truly marvelous and magical thoughts which are the basis of all inventions and discoveries man has made.

An experience gathered, a speech heard, a book read, a poem recited, a beautiful song listened , all these occupy a part of our memory. If one contemplates over these then they give rise to offshoots of positive or negative emotions based on the direction given by our thought process.

My muses are outcomes of the quotes that I have read and those that have remained with me. They are extensions to the same thought in my own way.Penning down a few of them here.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’

My muse: So hold a mirror in front of you, lest you will fail to see the most Beautiful Person in the world.

‘Rich beg inside the temple, while poor beg outside’

My muse: This leaves the middle class to pray for all in the line in between.

‘We try to invoke the Divine outside to fight demons within’

My muse: But now we must invoke the Divine within to fight demons outside.

‘Krishna will reincarnate whenever there is crisis ’

My muse: The time has come for all women not to wait for Krishna but to awaken the Durga within to rescue themselves.

Some words lose their meaning in your life while some words give a new meaning to life

My muse: Some people come and go in your life like meaningless words they are “acquaintances” but those that add a new meaning to your life are “Friends”

‘Life should be lived like a flower’

My muse: Life should be lived like a flower just enough to make others feel pleasant by your presence and have the fragrance linger on in their lives in your absence.

Let the fragrance of anything beautiful like a thought, poem, song, melody, article, book, art, painting and whatever one likes always remain in one’s thoughts.. making every passing day positive  and each one a wealthy soul!!

The true wealth of a nation consists not in the stored-up gold, but in the intellectual strength of its people.’-Dr. C.V.Raman








5 thoughts on “My Muses

  1. Your muses are more thought provoking than the original Quotes. Adjectives are falling short to describe the beauty of your article.


  2. absolutely true medha, we are always undergoing or living in the world of negativity, starving for the materialistic things, but as you said rightly happiness comes from within and one should try to sense that…… lets leave all these negative thoughts and start looking at life positively because we get it once..


  3. How true, Medha! Thoughts really play a very important role in our life. And the negative thoughts are those which we need to steer clear of, lest they spoil our peace.
    Meeting my friends, listening to some uplifting music and reading good books make me think positive about life and about myself. However, there are times when a single negative thought is enough to take it all away! So, this new year, my resolution is going to be just one : think positive, feel positive!


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