Winners never quit and quitters never win’, an apt and often heard quote for success.Just exercising the brain cells to delve deep into the above quote a thought flashed my mind:

‘Inspired people succeed and successful people inspire’.

Isn’t it true? Perhaps to some extent this may be true. But mere inspiration does not guarantee success while success does lead to inspiration.

First and foremost need for inspiration is a ‘desire’.Having a strong desire can be said to be the heart of Inspiration. This inspiration has to be then supported by the strong backbone of the 3 ‘D’s i.e. determination, dedication and discipline then only perhaps it can lead to success. And so we see that though almost each one of us is inspired by someone or something not all are successful. Definitely the criterion of success again varies. For some it may be just getting into their field of choice while for others it may be getting a position for themselves or purely monetary. For some it may be making a name and for quite a few getting recognition and honor.

Inspiration also requires a very feeble support perhaps of a fourth ‘D’ destiny. It is a feeble support so to say because it is only after you have created a strong backbone for yourself that destiny plays a role. Consider an example if a person gets an opportunity to head a small institute. Can destiny assure that he will be successful to do so? Definitely his destiny gave him an opportunity to get the job in first place but he has to have determination, dedication and discipline to take him further. ‘Life cannot get better by chance but can definitely be better by change’ a quote worth mentioning at this point.

There is no formula to tell us that what kind of inspiration combined with what amount of dedication, determination and discipline will assure success. But yes it is definitely a sum total of all this put together.

Success begets success and definitely inspires others to follow its footsteps. ‘To be inspired is great but to inspire is incredible.’ What more can one ask, but an incredible life lived well!


6 thoughts on “INSPIRATIONS

  1. Good one Medha, your act is inspiring me…may be after my retirement or late years of my service..i shall be doing work of my own interest!


  2. Wow!
    Medha, you have started growing into a very matured writer and thinker. I wonder why you did not start penning your thoughts earlier. Anyway, I am falling short of words for expressing my thoughts on your article. Just GREAT!!


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